Tram manufacturing has remained mostly unchanged for the last 20 years.  Many manufacturers continue to produce antiquated and remedial systems.  Hill Country Trams is the leader in trams and ancillary products. We continue to strive in the engineering of new components and methodologies to improve our tram systems.  Most importantly is the ability to service the products remotely, or with the most efficient service technicians and least down time on your tram. Our product has improved the reliability issues typical of old manufacturing designs.  Our simple yet sophisticated design absolutely makes other manufacturers pale in comparison, providing reliability and low maintenance at an excellent price.

  • Architecturally designed tram cars available
  • Largest tram cars in the industry
  • 4-8 person trams available
  • Color choice of tram
  • 20 year flooring product with color choices
  • Door entry slides vs. conventional gates
  • Choice of entry gate availability, left right side/both; front or rear/side; or both
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Widest track tram footprint
  • Fold-up seats provide maximum available floor space
  • Extended weight capabilities
  • Soft stop / soft start
  • In-car controls
  • Remote controls
  • Aircraft grade dual cables (the single most important item insuring reliability & redundancy to satisfy safety needs)
  • Stainless steel pulleys (not steel)
  • Dual redundancy switching
  • LED system check indicators
  • Triple independent brake system
  • Mid-mount motor provides no visibility of motor & drive assembly vs. other manufacturers unsightly motor & drive assembly box at top of tram
  • Color and design allow for low impact visibility
  • Engineered to operate at the fastest allowable code compliant speed
  • Unparalleled warranty
  • Licensed, certified and insured

We are not only manufacturers, we are our own customers as well- we use our own trams daily.  Our reputation is built on engineering a product that works well in some of the most adverse terrain and conditions. Most are in a water-entry setting, making for the harshest and most problematic install environment. Hill Country Trams proves that it is the most formidable choice for your incline needs.