testimonials from some of our clients


I am writing to let you know just how pleased I was with the crew that came and serviced my tram this past Sunday.  They hit the ground running and never stopped.  Daniel went right to the problem, corroded limit switches at the bottom, in just a matter of minutes.  I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and own a boiler business but I would have never guessed that to be the problem.
Without being asked, while Daniel was replacing the limit switches, the others began pulling some grass that had grown up under the tram and re-securing the PVC that the lower cable travels in.

They serviced every part of the tram and clearly had a solid knowledge of what they were doing.

They were so good that at the end I asked and they readily agreed to help me remove the cloth cover from my dock.  Each year as I get a little older it gets a little harder for me to do.

They did that so well and fast I could not resist asking Daniel to help me get my temperature sensor back into the block of my boat engine.  I had struggled for 30 minutes trying to do it just prior to their arrival.  He did it with ease and never questioned why I was asking or gave me that “it is not my job look”.

Please extend my sincere thanks to Daniel and the crew.


Jack Rentz



Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with our Hill Country Tram.

Your team did an outstanding job at the installation of the tram and my wife and I are delighted with the outcome.  We both really appreciate your guidance in the placement of the tram as it ties in so well with the surroundings.  We have friends with trams as well and they do not look nor tie into the land nearly as well as ours does.

Finally if you ever need a reference or if you would like to bring a prospective client over to ride our tram just give us a call we would be happy to show off our Hill Country Tram.

Bob & Christine Madey


To Whom It May Concern:

Buster Cole’s company, Hill Country Trams, installed a tram on our property on Lake Austin and did a wonderful job.

As we did our research, various tram owners told us that their greatest regret was not having their tram built sooner.  Shortly after we bought our property and built a boat dock, we took their advice.  A little over half way into our lot, there is a 25-foot drop-off and then a slope of approximately 45 degrees down to the water.  From the top of the cliff to the water line there is an elevation drop of 83 feet; too far to carry a cooler!

Buster and his crew responded quickly to our inquiries.  He showed us his other work and quickly gave us a firm bid that he stuck to.  Within 6 weeks of our first phone call, we had a tram on our property.  The few times we had any questions about the operation, Buster was quick to respond and on a couple of occasions sent a technician to check on its operation even though we had not requested one.

We’ve had our tram for two years now and we love it.  And we love Buster and his crew.  They build a good product and they stand behind it.

And most importantly, they do what they say they will do.

You won’t be sorry if you have them install a tram on your property.  Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

Tom Herod, Jr.


Buster Cole and Hill Country Trams,

Our tram has been installed for about a year.  During that time it has worked virtually flawlessly.  I choose Hill Country Trams because of the quality and safety features.  Our property is high on a sheer, rocky cliff above the water.  This required a fairly steep and long track.  With two young boys, my wife and I were concerned about the installation as well as the continued safe function and operation of the system.  During the last year we’ve had many large groups and functions at the lake house.  Consequently, we’ve had the opportunity to use the tram quite frequently. The tram has proven to be very safe and reliable.  We are more than pleased with the quality, installation, safety and professionalism provided by Buster and Hill Country Trams.   Thanks Buster and crew!

Best regards,
Curt Warner
Austin, TX


I purchased a tram from Hill Country Trams several years ago and I’ve been very happy with it. Their installation went as promised and they communicated well during the entire process. Since then, the performance has been nearly flawless and the after-the-sale service has been prompt and courteous.

Jeff Browning
Volente, TX


Subject: Highly Recommended Tram to Brigadoon Beach


We are very pleased with our tram and have found it has tremendously increased the use of our property. The quality of the tram and installation exceeded our expectations and we gladly recommend it to your customers.

Ron and Carolyn Thomas





Dear Buster,references

My family and I are thoroughly enjoying the tram you recently installed at my home on Possum Kingdom Lake. It has made the dock and waterfront so much more accessible. We realize as we get older that this type of necessity is what we need.

As I was told, your product is custom built and designed to blend in with the natural beauty of the property. I have pictures available if anyone would like to see them.

The team of workers was very nice and polite. They were such hard workers.

If you would like to use my tram located in Neeley’s Slough at The Cliffs Resort for interested customers, please contact my daughter-in-law Lynn Jonas who has become the North Texas Sales Director for Hill Country Trams.

Liz Jonas
Fort Worth, Texas










To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to give my opinion on the quality of work and professionalism of Hill Country Trams.

Three years ago, I contracted with Buster Cole and Hill Country Trams for the construction of a  tram down a very steep cliff to my boathouse on Lake Travis. The tram track is approximately 125′ long. Mr. Cole delivered all that was promised and more. We have been very pleased with the tram, but even more so with the attention to detail and service provided by Mr. Cole and his excellent crew.

In addition to installing and maintaining our tram, Mr. Cole designed and constructed a remarkable stone patio/deck which was built into the side of a steep cliff. I didn’t believe it could be done, and could not be more pleased with the completed project.

If further information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me at 214.691.3767 or email me at jgraham700 @

Very Truly yours,
James P. Graham
Palo Petroleum, Inc. Dallas, TX



I am pleased to comment on our experience with Hill Country Trams (HCT).

Our goal was to have a tram system that integrated well with the design of our home and landscape plan while, at the same time, provided access to our dock on Lake Travis with full functionality. This required HCT to design and build a landing at the house that used the same materials as our exterior porches (stone and custom metal rails with a teak cap). The site on the bluff was “tight” and required precise positioning of the tram relative to the house at the top and the self-leveling dock system at the bottom supplied by Spillar Boat Docks.

HCT performed all of the Design/Build services for the tram, the landing at the house, and the interface with the dock system. Various adjustments to the design and positioning were required during the project and were performed by HCT without protest. In addition, the manufacturer of the limit switches used to control positioning of the tram had difficulty with quality control of the switches which required frequent replacement until an alternate was found. HCT worked with the problem until it was solved.

The optional preventive maintenance program for the tram provided by HCT has also worked well. Monthly inspections and testing have kept the tram system in “like new” condition.

We are very pleased with our choice of HCT and the personal service provided throughout the tram project and since its completion.

Joe B. Wyatt


To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased a home on Lake Travis in the fall of 2008 that was located approximately 300′ above the lake. In looking for the best (and least strenuous) access to the water, we reviewed both switch back stairs and trams. We selected the tram route, and specifically Hill Country Trams for several reasons:

Ease of access – given the slope and distance, stairs were immediately eliminated as an option.

Simplicity – we specifically selected the Hill Country style of tram due to the simplicity of the operation. To us, less moving parts and ease of use is our preference.references

Solutions – Hill Country Trams provide a great solution when building the landing for our tram, not to mention the installation on a challenging hill.

Coordination – we also purchased a new boat dock from a local manufacturer of docks on Lake Travis. Hill Country coordinated the timing of the installation of the bottom landing with the dock supplier without any involvement from us and made the installation seamless.

Recommendations – we received several “word of mouth” recommendations about Buster and  his Company.

Responsiveness – Buster and the staff of Hill Country Trams have always been available to answer questions about the operation, maintenance or use.

Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome and couldn’t be happier with the tram, operation and ease of use and the staff of Hill Country Trams.

Ruben Kendrick, Jr.


Dear Buster:references

I wanted you to know how appreciative I am for your companies’ professionalism in handling my new tram system.  It is the state of the art of the latest mechanized tram systems and has been operating impeccably.  Thanks, again, for all of your support.

Bill Somerviile




We have had our tram for a year and a half, now, and are so glad we made the decision to put it in. It has been a lifesaver for so many chores: hauling gas cans to the boat dock, ice chests, and gardening equipment. It has also given elderly family members access to the waterfront that they otherwise would not have had. The color and design blend so well into the landscape that one really doesn’t notice the tram is there when it is stationary. We are happy to recommend your company to anyone on the lake.

Miguelita and Stephen Scanio

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a luxury home builder in Texas. We recently built a home on Lake Travis with near impossible access. Hill Country Trams provided a solution that was not only esthetically attractive but reliable. We use our tram extensively at the lake because we have a large family and friend join us regularly. Our boat dock is quite large with provisions for 2 boats 35’+ in length. The number of people using the tram on any given weekend is quite a large. We have to transition food and beverage to the dock on a daily basis and with Hill Country Trams products; it has become an absolute necessity.

Their continued back up and support allows confidence that our weekends will always be enjoyable. I have also started another home for a friend and have contracted Hill Country Trams to build the second (tram) for us as well. They have really been on the spot for us and would recommend them to anyone having this type of need.

J. Alan Kent
Flair Builders, LLC.